Technology and Innovation

2017 will be a tremendous year for Technology and Innovation around the World. From Artificial Inteligence, Quantum Computers, Dynamic Transportation Systems, Cybersecurity, IoT, Health Care IT, Fin Tech and much more. 


The Education System and processes are in constant evolution. We are now living through a revolution of information flow and global access to education. 

Oil and Gas

Brazil is starting the process to shed Oil and Gas Assets and allow International players to invest in complete systems.


Countries and governments have decided to reverse the globalization process that has been extremely beneficial to emerging markets like Mexico, Brasil, China and Russia. 

Brazil 2017 

2017 is an interim year for Brazil to pass the necessary reforms through congress, stabilize the job's market, set the stage for future growth and trajectory and new presidential elections. Will still be a very dificult year for the economy, with a very clear path of rebound and growth. 

Real Estate

Real Estate in Brazil has hit the bottom or close to the bottom in the first quarter 2017. With Interest rates going lower within the next few months, the market should start to pick up and we should see a full recovery by 2019 the latest. 


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